BTC/ETH to CoinPulse Token (CPEX) Swap Program



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BTC/ETH to CoinPulse Token (CPEX) Swap Program

Everyone knows CoinPulse is a community-driven project and as any project needs funding, CoinPulse also does need funds. We are in the process of listing several voted coins/tokens for free, however, listing these token/coins needs additional resources. Our funding mainly comes from listing fee and commissions, which are not enough to list free tokens/coins, so CoinPulse has decided to offer a unique opportunity to acquire CPEX directly from CoinPulse Exchange which can provide needed funding. Only 10 million CPEX tokens will be exchanged under this program, as that is what our current requirement is.

Under this program, you will be able to swap Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to acquire CPEX tokens under the following conditions:

Initially, CoinPulse will offer CPEX tokens for the swap at a heavily discounted price of approximately USD $0.02 each. The normal price of CPEX tokens will be USD $0.06, so the initial swap price of USD $0.02 is being offered at a discount of approximately 66.67%.

The CPEX tokens will only be offered at the discounted price until 23:59 UTC October 25, 2018, afterwards the regular price of USD $0.06 will be applied. We will only offer a total of 10 million CPEX tokens for this swap program, so if we run out of 10 million supply before November 15, 2018, the program will be closed before November 15, 2018.

The USD prices have been converted to BTC/ETH based on market prices prevailing at the start of the program. Please use the following swap button to swap your BTC/ETH to CPEX tokens.


Swap Competition and 100% Match!

We are delighted to announce that CoinPulse has started a Swap Competition with immediate effect.

Competition prize pool:  10% of amounts raised during the swap program to be paid in BTC.

The prize pool will be equally divided among the Top 5 users that used our swap page to make the purchases and it will be distributed two week after the end of the program.

Example - if CoinPulse raised 100BTC through swap, then the prize pool will be 10BTC, which will be divided equally among the top 5 users. If you are in the top 5, then you will receive 2BTC for free.

After the competition is over all that used our swap page will also get a 100% match for the CPEX tokens purchased by them and it will be distributed in CPEX tokens. That is if you bought 100,000 CPEX during the swap period, then you will receive additional 100,000 CPEX free at the end of the program.

Competition will end along with the end of the swap program that is on November 15, 2018 23.59 UTC.


Terms & Conditions for the Swap competition and 100% Match:

> To qualify for this competition and giveaway your total volume on the swap page must exceed 10,000 CPEX.

> Giveaway rewards will be issued within two weeks from the time competition ends.

> CoinPulse Exchange reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or its rules with prior notice.