EBCH to CoinPulse Token (CPEX) Swap Program

Terms & Conditions
Effective July 1, 2018, you will be able to instantly exchange your EBCH tokens for CPEX tokens. One EBCH token will be equal to three CPEX tokens. The CPEX swap period will only be from July 1st, 2018 to September 30, 2018. We may extend the swap upon notification until a minimum of 90% of the circulating EBCH supply has been exchanged for CPEX tokens. If 90% of tokens haven’t been swapped by September 30th, you will be notified if any extension period will occur. Remember, once the token swap is officially over, you will no longer be able to exchange EBCH tokens for CPEX tokens. There will be no extensions or exceptions!

After the swap is over as described above, we will not delist EBCH tokens from other exchanges; however, we cannot guarantee that the EBCH tokens will remain tradable at other exchanges, as some of these exchanges have a strict requirement of a minimum tradable volume to keep the listing active.

EBCH tokens will remain tradable on CoinPulse even after the swap is completed, but they will be traded at a market price determined by the supply and demand of the market for EBCH tokens.

1 EBCH = 3.00000000 CPEX

Your Available Balance

1.00345678 EBCH

15.00345678 CPEX


Min. : 0.00200678 CPEX

Max. : 10,000,000 CPEX


Total Amount Received

0.00000000 CPEX

0.00000000 CPEX