The Weekly Pulse (Jan 14, 2019)

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Welcome to the Sixth issue of the CoinPulse Weekly Pulse, where you can find the all the latest CoinPulse news and updates!

Welcome to a new year! We here at CoinPulse are excited about all the prospects that 2019 may bring in the crypto world. We have been through a year long bear market and have seen many projects come and go as the market tests the resolve and ingenuity of their founders. We feel that this has been the time to learn, improve, and develop new strategies so we can move forward. We believe that the world of crypto is like a sleeping giant right now. The low rumblings under the surface are an indication of a massive movement that will soon become evident to all of us. The infrastructure of the crypto world is quietly being forged as this bear market continues and it is our intention to be a part of it. We will continue to add listings and build our base in preparation for a future where cryptocurrencies are used around by the world on a daily basis. We have been working hard to bring many more listings to CoinPulse and add lots of ways to increase your crypto holdings through many recent contests! Here are some of the changes we have added over the past 30 days!

Current Contests!

Rupee (RUP) Trading Competition!

We are delighted to announce that CoinPulse in affiliation with Rupee Team has launched the "RUP Trading Competition" on CoinPulse Exchange! Trading Competition starts from January 5, 2:00 PM UTC and ends on January 19, at 2:00 PM UTC.

Below are the prizes:

Top Trader: 130,000 RUP
2nd Prize: 70,000 RUP
3rd Prize: 50,000 RUP
4th Prize: 35,000 RUP
5th Prize: 15,000 RUP

Terms & Conditions:

Your total trading volume must be over 15,000 RUP Coins to qualify for this competition. You must hold at least 10,000 CPEX tokens to qualify for this competition. Rewards will be issued within one week from the time this competition ends. CoinPulse Exchange reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or its rules. You will be disqualified from participating in this competition if you use two accounts to buy/sell RUP Coins in anticipation of winning the competition. It is very easy for us to find this out. Hence, please obey the rules for keeping this competition fair enough for everyone.

PS: To fully benefit from trading on CoinPulse, turn on the "trading discount" in your account options. With this you pay only 0.06% of trading fees using our native CPEX token, instead of regular 0.20%.

We hope you enjoy the Rupee Trading Competition and Good luck!

Past Contests!

We had many exciting and successful contests in December, and we are looking into opportunities to add more contests in the future! We hope you enjoyed them and congrats to the winners!

BKU Trading Competition – ended Jan. 9th
100 Million TRET Trading Competition – ended Dec. 28th
Estads Credits Token Trading Competition – ended Dec. 27th
Bitball Token Trading Competition – ended Dec. 25th

Integrations and Listings!

We have been adding many new listing recently and it is our desire to continue to do so as we move into this new year. Let us know if there is a coin or token that you would like to see on CoinPulse. Just go to our "Add Token Page" and our listing team is always reviewing and adding prospective new listings to our integrations list. Here the listings we have added over the past 30 days!

Bitball (BTB)

Bitball is a Unique One Cryptocurrency covering all financial aspects of digital transactions build on Ethereum Blockchain. A Multipurpose Digital currency with Endless Possibilities and Rewards.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing Bitball (BTB) with the following trading pairs:

Mainstream for the Underground (MFTU)

Mainstream for the Underground (MFTU) is a token to create an ecosystem for listeners and artists! It offers the future's true Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization. It protects artist's rights and payments across the entire globe while they maintain current memberships locally.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing Mainstream for the Underground (MFTU) with below trading pairs:

BitMinutes (BMT)

BitMinutes is an ERC-20 compliant token with the primary goal to provide access to key financial services for over 2 billion underbanked consumers globally.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing BitMinutes (BMT) with below trading pairs:

Eastads Credits (ECR)

Eastads projects is the blockchain solution to e-commerce in Africa solving scalability and trust issues using ecommerce powered by blockchain payments and price options. Eastads marketplace is been developed as a measure of creating a complete ecommerce system with ability to utilize cryptocurrencies as payment and price options. Such system is will also have a direct p2p and A2P integration. The Eastads projects also includes a medium fiat exchange for buying and selling of Cryptocurrency. The ECR — Eastads Credits is the market and exchange utility of Eastads project.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing Eastads Credits (ECR) with following trading pairs:

Tourist Review (TRET)

Tourist Review is a blockchain-based evaluation platform for traveling and food lovers combined with a smart contract that connects those who experience the cryptocurrency, creating the environment in which the users can search for a place or a dish quickly, thanks to Tourist Review’s Ecosystem. It is possible to connect and reward users through cryptocurrency (TRET). And users can realize the benefits of using those token for traveling and foods in worldwide. Users can use tokens to pay for the service’s owners through the publisher's mobile app and website. Users of cross-border travel services will not need to convert to local currencies in a time-consuming and difficult way, but only need to pay with TRET. Further more, travelers are rewarded some tokens from Tourist Review via writing reviews about services they have experienced. What is Tourist? What is Tourist? Connecting traveling with blockchain technology is an inevitability. Because we need to discover providers with good quality of service, the evaluators are tourists and locals. These reviews are more genuine and accurate than those from paid advertising or traveling agencies. If a service gets highly rated by our users, it will be beneficial to the owner. Tourist Review’s network is constantly updated with information (optimizing information and review quality). New content is updated regularly on the community's reviewing page. More and more people are looking for product reviews before purchasing. By getting rated on Tourist Review, their services have a better chance of generating new customers.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing Tourist Review (TRET) with below trading pairs:

Blocktek University token (BKU)

BKU is a cryptocurrency utility token designed to be used only on the Blocktek University platform. The token provides a way to offer certificates (by issuing a certificate authority in the token's smart contract) and also becomes an incentive for the use of the platform.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing Blocktek University token (BKU) with below trading pairs:

Deep Onion (ONION)

DeepOnion is ranked #485 on coinmarketcap. Deeponion is one of the most developed privacy coins with real-world use cases such as DeepVaultOnline blockchain notary, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart and many eCommerce plugins on the way.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing Deep Onion (ONION) with below trading pairs:

Rupee (RUP)

Rupee is a Cryptocurrency that is based upon a Dash Fork, with POS instead of POW with and optional privacy PrivateSend and InstantSend functions. Rupee as a brand is recognized by almost 2 billion people in South Asia. Rupee’s focus is the South Asian region with products and services geared towards servicing people from the region specifically. For example, a merchant is free to accept BTC, LTC or any other currency, but we think local merchants would want to go for a coin with name recognition, level of comfort and focus on the region.

CoinPulse Exchange is listing Rupee (RUP) with below trading pairs:


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