The Weekly Pulse (Nov 24, 2018)

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Welcome to the fourth issue of the CoinPulse Weekly Pulse, where you can find the all the latest CoinPulse news and updates!

In our last issue we mentioned the bear market and how development continues ever onward regardless of market sentiment. Well, the bear appears to be roaring again. This has happened before, and it will likely happen again. We here at CoinPulse however are unphased by the current market conditions. We know that it takes time to bring a good project to the market. Many projects will take several years to see significant development roadmaps met. We already have a great product that we believe in and are continuing the process of perfecting it. Keep telling your friends and colleagues about us, because slowly but surely, we feel confident that people will discover us and appreciated what we have to offer. Just as it takes a winter to have a spring, we feel our time will come as the cold of the current markets begin to thaw. We look forward too many years of providing excellent service to our users as we move into the future and witness history in the making as the world of crypto develops into maturity! Below is some of what we have been working on this past week!

Ongoing: Weekly Rewards Competition

The CoinPulse Weekly Competition:

The third week of our weekly competition ended on November 9th at 6 AM UTC. This is a regular weekly competition, so if you missed it, don’t worry you can still participate for current weekly competition, click here for more details:

The following are winners of Week #3:

Congratulations winners! If you are in our telegram group, help us acknowledge them. This will encourage others to participate as well!

5,000 CPEX tokens have already been distributed to week three’s winners.

If you have turned on your discount feature to use CPEX to pay trading fees, then it then it costs almost nothing to participate and have a chance to win prizes.

The goal of this contest is to gain the required volume for CoinPulse to qualify for listing on CMC. So, don’t delay! Tell your friends and come on over and start trading on CoinPulse

Our exchange UI was developed based on requests of the community. Easy to use, almost no learning curve. We are built on a highly-secured infrastructure, so don’t hesitate to spread the word and come check us out!

Remember, the competition starts every Friday at 06:00 AM UTC, and will last for 7 days until the following Friday, 05:59 AM UTC. This will be an on-going weekly competition until further notice.

Remind your friends that we have a new user interface or come check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

The new UI release has been a great success! Go to and login or sign-up We wanted to bring you the best, and the positive comments from the community reflect the excellent work completed by our development team. Remember, since we are community based, we don’t have any bots on our exchange. We need our community to sign up and trade with us in order to have the well-functioning, useful exchange that you asked for. Please spread the word so CoinPulse can be the best!


CoinPulse in the News, Integrations and Listings!

Newly Confirmed Future Listing of Twogap Token:

The Coinpulse Team is proud to announce a new confirmed listing for the Twogap Token (TGT) which will be listed on the Coinpulse Exchange as soon as the ICO phase ends in January of 2019.

TGT Token utilizes the ERC-20 token standard on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be paired with the following trading pairs on the Coinpulse Exchange when it is listed in January of 2019.


TGT Contract address: 0x0ea96a04c23766f794cf0313140b2f61abc3ffd3

Why Coinpulse is excited about listing Twogap Token?

Twogap is ranked in the top 10 projects on and like Coinpulse, Twogap is also a community-based project with a desire to bring innovation to their members!

Not only is Twogap community based, but they have an ambitious and innovative team that is creating a platform to provide real solutions.

They are developing an optimal cross-exchange protocol solution for Bond Issuers, helping them to encrypt traditional Bonds to Cryptobonds in the most efficient way. In addition, Twogap will bring the opportunity for crypto customers to acquire the most powerful and largest-scaled stop-loss product, Cryptobonds!

We are very excited about our new partnership with Twogap and look forward to their future development. We are very pleased to be listing the TGT Token on Coinpulse in January. We hope you are as excited as we are about our new future listing and our desire to bring you new and innovative projects!

You can find more information about the Twogap project on its website.

New: Listing Process Streamlined!

CoinPulse Exchange is excited to announce that we have now streamlined the rules for free listings through the community voting process.

Now all coins/tokens who receive at least 1000 votes will be automatically considered for review for listing.

As we begin to review any of these qualifying listings, our devs will be hard at work to integrate their tokens and get them onto the exchange as soon as possible.

Please share our listing page ( with communities you are part of to take the advantage of free listing!

In the News:

Come check out how CoinPulse is moving up the ranks at Cryptocompare. By our last count, we are number 6 in the current rankings of over 150 exchanges! Have a look at the link above and give us a great review if you like us. Every comment helps, and we always really appreciate it!


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Don’t Forget

Now is the time to build our base. You are an integral part of that. Check out the exchange, tell your friends, and feel confident that you are supporting one of the core ideas of crypto: the community making a difference. You asked, and we delivered. Let’s keep moving forward and be ready to ride the wave!

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Don’t forget, as always, we are:

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  • Already on,, and many more!
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