1M Apollo Trading Competition Winners Announced!

CoinPulse Exchange 7 months ago

Hello Everyone,


We appreciate and thank Apollo traders for participating in Apollo Trading Competition that was held from July 15 through July 21. As per our previous announcement, here we announce the list of lucky participants!


Winners of 1M Apollo Trading Competition are as under:


captoe****[email protected]  - 1st Place - Winning Amount 500,000 Apollo Coins (Trading Volume - 4.41M)

iron****[email protected]  - 2nd Place - Winning Amount 300,000 Apollo Coins (Trading Volume - 4.19M)

Sangh***[email protected] - 3rd Place - Winning Amount 100,000 Apollo Coins (Trading Volume - 2.14M)

dam***[email protected] - 4th Place - Winning Amount 50,000 Apollo Coins (Trading Volume - 2.01M)

gge***[email protected] - 5th Place - Winning Amount 50,000 Apollo Coins (Trading Volume - 1.81M)


Please note that winning amount will be distributed straight to your account at CoinPulse within next 24 hours.

Congratulations and thank you for participating in this competition!



CoinPulse Exchange