Pay Trading Fee in CPEX to get 70% Trading Discount at CoinPulse!

CoinPulse Exchange 7 months ago

When using the CoinPulse (CPEX) token, trading fees are reduced by 70%. The amount is automatically calculated and then deducted from your CPEX balance. This discount is applicable on any trading pair and not just on CPEX trades.

Example: If you are trading in the ETH/BTC pair, you are required to pay 0.1 ETH (0.20%) as transaction fees if you paid the transaction fees in either ETH or BTC, but you will be required to pay only 0.03 ETH (conversion will take place at CPEX's market price) if you pay the transaction fees using CPEX tokens.

Conversion of trading fee from a given currency to CPEX:

CoinPulse charges trading fee in receiving currency. For ETH/BTC BUY transaction, ETH is the receiving currency. So, in this case we will calculate exchange ratio of ETH to CPEX at market price of CPEX/ETH trading pair. It will be calculated as under:

CPEX/ETH market price: 0.01 ETH (0.01 ETH = 1 CPEX)

ETH/BTC buying amount: 100 ETH 

Fee if Discounted Trading Fee option is disabled: 100 x 0.20% = 0.20 ETH

Fee if Discounted trading fee option is enabled: 10 x 0.20% = 0.20 ETH x 70% Discount = 0.06 ETH (0.20 ETH x 30%). Now, 0.06 ETH / 0.01 (current market price in CPEX/ETH pair) = 6 CPEX.

So, user will pay 6 CPEX instead of 0.20 ETH!