Spectrecoin (XSPEC) on CoinPulse Exchange

CoinPulse Exchange 4 months ago

Dear CoinPulse Users,


We are excited to announce that Spectrecoin (XSPEC) will be listed on CoinPulse Exchange!


CoinPulse Exchange is listing Spectrecoin (XSPEC) with below trading pairs:



Deposits will open from November 1, 6:00 AM UTC

Trading and Withdrawals start from November 3, 6:00 AM UTC

Withdrawal Fee: 0.01 XSPEC



Spectrecoin is a Secure Proof-of-Stake (PoSv3) Network with Anonymous Transaction Capability.

Spectrecoin utilizes a range of proven cryptographic techniques to achieve un-linkable, un-traceable and anonymous transactions on its blockchain and also protects the users identities by running all the network nodes as TOR hidden services. Spectrecoin also incorporates TOR obfuscation protocols to operate in TOR blocked countries.

Through the use of dual key stealth technology Spectrecoin provides the ability to generate ‘anonymous tokens’ (SPECTRE) that can be sent anonymously through an implementation of ring signatures based on the Cryptonote protocol to eliminate any transaction history.

Spectrecoin has a professional team of developers and aim to be a top-tier privacy cryptocurrency over the next 12 months.


Useful Links

Official Website: Click here

XSPEC Whitepaper: Click here

Explorer: Click here



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