CPEX Sign-up Bonus and Prize Distribution

CoinPulse Exchange 4 months ago

Hello Everyone,

We appreciate and thank all of our users for participating in our sign-up bonus program, which was one of the longest run program in crypto world's hisotry and lasted for six months!

We have now completed the distribution of CPEX sign-up bonus to all eligible users. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Davor, Contests & Rewards Program Director at [email protected] or chat with him directly at https://t.me/davorpc

We have also chosen the winner of grand prize of 100,000 CPEX tokens from all active EBCH holders and winners of 5,000 CPEX tokens  for each social media channels from our active user base for Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and Facebook. We are apporaching them to get their details, so we can make the distribution. Please watch out for the communication from our in-charge of these social media channels.

Please note that winning amount will be distributed straight to your account at CoinPulse.

Congratulations and thank you for participating in this program!

CoinPulse Exchange