LaMoneda (LMA) on CoinPulse Exchange

CoinPulse Exchange 6 months ago

LaMoneda (LMDA) on CoinPulse Exchange!

Dear CoinPulse Users,


We are excited to announce that LaMoneda (LMDA) will be listed on CoinPulse Exchange!


CoinPulse Exchange is listing LaMoneda (LMDA) with below trading pairs:





Deposits and Withdrawals will open from September 13, 6:00 AM UTC

Trading starts at September 14, 6:00 AM UTC


Withdrawal Fee: 150 LMDA Tokens



Lamoneda is a decentralized blockchain token network that powers and engineers a unique smart contract ticketing system also known as SmartTickets. Lamoneda aims to solve the problems with current event ticketing systems available today, with providing the benefits of decentralization derived from the blockchain technology.

Ticket touting, also known as ticketing fraud, is believed to be a multibillion-dollar market. Also, online ticket fraud continues to rise annually.When general tickets for an event becomes available for sale, scalpers are known to device every means necessary to snatch these tickets off the primary market only to be resold in the secondary market at a ridiculously higher price. The activities of scalpers in the event ticketing industry have led to the incessant rise in ticket pricing due to greed and monopolistic profit approach. Scalped tickets are being resold, on secondary markets for an outrageous price, this is slowly degrading the event industry.


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Stay tuned for further announcement regarding LMDA Trading Competition on CoinPulse Exchange!



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