Weekly Reward Competition

CoinPulse Exchange 4 weeks ago

Weekly Reward Competition

Dear CoinPulse Users,


We are delighted to announce that from friday, October 19th CoinPulse will start our new weekly reward competition.

The Weekly Reward Competition will start every friday at 06:00 AM UTC, and it wil last for 7 days until next friday, 05:59 AM UTC. This will be an on-going weekly competition until further notice.

Weekly prize pool is 25,000 CPEX.

Each week 5 users ranked by their top volume will receive 5,000 CPEX each.

Users will be ranked in terms of total overall volume traded in their CoinPulse Account. Includes both Buy and Sell on all pairs and markets!


Terms & Conditions:

> Your total trading volume must be over US $500 to qualify for this competition. The total trading volume will include purchases from swap page but will exclude volume in any pairs in which there is an on-going contest/competition. 

> Rewards will be issued within one week from the time weekly competition ends.

> CoinPulse Exchange reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or its rules.

> You will be disqualified from participating in this competition if you use two accounts to buy/sell any CryptoCurrency in anticipation of winning the competition. It is very easy for us to find this out.  Hence, please obey the rules for keeping this competition fair enough for everyone.


PS: To fully benefit from trading on CoinPulse, turn on the "trading discount" in your account options. With this you pay only 0.06% of trading fees using our native CPEX token, instead of regular 0.20%.


Good luck!



CoinPulse Exchange