The Weekly Pulse (Dec 31, 2018)

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Welcome to the fifth issue of the CoinPulse Weekly Pulse, where you can find the all the latest CoinPulse news and updates!

As we promised, the Team at CoinPulse has rapidly increased our Coin and token listings. With the current market conditions, we feel this is the time to do our best to increase our reach within the community and build out the exchange to be ready for the next phase the crypto-market brings. We show you a great way to earn more tokens, a new trading competition offered by one of our new listings, and who can argue with free listings for all approved ERC20 Tokens in December! All this and more below in this 5th edition of the CoinPulse Weekly!

December Holiday Bonanza – Free ERC20 Token Listings!

CoinPulse will offer free listing to all approved ERC20 tokens for the month of December! No votes or fees required! Just complete our listing form at starting December 1st and if you are approved, we will list your token for free!

Please be advised that due to the extensive dev work required to set up wallets, we do have to charge a fee for coins and tokens which are not Ethereum based. This includes but is not limited to most coins and non-ERC20 tokens.

December Holiday Bonanza Reward!

Now you can earn 10,000 CPEX for referring a successfully approved listing!

All ERC20 tokens are listed for free during the month of December, so it’s a win-win for you and the team you are referring. Just have the ERC20 token applicant fill in the form at and if they are approved you will receive 10,000 CPEX tokens for free. Please remember that the token applicant must mention your CoinPulse user Id (email address used on CoinPulse) on the form in order for you to receive your reward.

Bitball Trading Competition!

We are delighted to announce that CoinPulse in affiliation with the Bitball Token Team is lauching the Bitball Trading Competition on CoinPulse Exchange!

Trading Competition starts from December 10, 11:00 AM UTC and ends on December 25, at 11:00 AM UTC.

Below are the prizes:

Top Trader: 150,000 Bitball Tokens
2nd Prize: 100,000 Bitball Tokens
3rd Prize: 50,000 Bitball Tokens

Users will be ranked in terms of total Bitball Token volume traded in their CoinPulse account. Totals include both Buy and Sell!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Your total trading volume must be over 50,000 Bitball Tokens to qualify for this competition.
  • Rewards will be issued within one week from the time this competition ends.
  • CoinPulse Exchange reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or its rules.
  • You will be disqualified from participating in this competition if you use two accounts to buy/sell Bitball Token in anticipation of winning the competition. It is very easy for us to find this out. Please obey the rules so we can have a competition fair for everyone.

PS: To fully benefit from trading on CoinPulse, turn on the "trading discount" in your account options. With this you pay only 0.06% of trading fees using our native CPEX token, instead of regular 0.20%.

Good luck and Happy Trading!

Integrations and Listings!

CoinPulse has picked up the pace in our token listings! We have added many new tokens and will continue adding so sign in to your CoinPulse account and see what’s new! Below are some of the listings recently added.

0chain (ZCN): We are excited to announce that 0chain (ZCN) has been listed on CoinPulse Exchange! 0chain turbo-charges dApps and blockchains by providing fast, free and flexible data compute and decentralized storage (dCloud). CoinPulse Exchange is listing 0chain (ZCN) with below trading pairs:

Go to for the announcement and more information.

eBitcoin (EBTC): We are excited to announce that eBitcoin (EBTC) has been listed on CoinPulse Exchange! eBitcoin (eBTC) is the first and only ERC20 token with functional batch payment capabilities. CoinPulse Exchange has listed eBitcoin (EBTC) with below trading pairs: EBTC/CPEX

Go to for the announcement and more information.

CyberFM (CYFM): We are excited to announce that CyberFM (CYFM) has been listed on CoinPulse Exchange! CyberFM (CYFM) is a token to create an ecosystem for listeners and artists! It offers the future's true Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization. CoinPulse Exchange is listing CyberFM (CYFM) with below trading pairs:

Go to for the announcement and more information.

BitMinutes (BMT): We are excited to announce that we have opened up deposits for BitMinutes (BMT). Full trading and withdrawals soon to follow. BitMinutes is a system for Prepaid minutes powering free global value transfer and guaranteed micro-lending. CoinPulse Exchange is listing BitMinutes with below trading pairs:

Go to for more information.

Bitball (BTB): We are excited to announce that Bitball (BTB) is listed on CoinPulse Exchange! Deposits are currently available as of December 10th with trading and withdrawals being available soon after. Bitball is a Unique One Cryptocurrency covering all financial aspects of digital transactions build on Ethereum Blockchain. A Multipurpose Digital currency with Endless Possibilities and Rewards. CoinPulse Exchange is listing Bitball (BTB) with below trading pairs:

Go to for the announcement and more information.


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