HYDRO (HYDRO) on CoinPulse Exchange

CoinPulse Exchange 6 months ago

Dear CoinPulse Users,


We are excited to announce that HYDRO will be listed on CoinPulse Exchange!


CoinPulse Exchange is listing HYDRO (HYDRO) with below trading pairs:





Deposits will be open from July 26, 10:30 AM UTC

Trading starts at July 27, 6:00 AM UTC

Withdrawals to open from July 28, 6:00 AM UTC


Withdrawal Fee: 350 HYDRO​ Tokens



Hydro is the blockchain division of Hydrogen, the global financial platform of the Web 3.0. Hydro enables new and existing private systems to seamlessly integrate and leverage the immutable & transparent dynamics of a public blockchain to enhance application and document security, identity management, transactions, and artificial intelligence.

The proposed technology is called “Raindrop” - a transaction performed through a smart contract that validates private system access publicly, and can complement existing private authentication methods. The technology is intended to provide additional security for sensitive financial data that is increasingly at risk from hacking and breaches.

Initial implementation of the Hydro Raindrop is performed on the Hydrogen API Platform. This modular set of APIs is available to enterprises and developers globally to prototype, build, test, and deploy sophisticated financial technology platforms and products.

The Hydro Raindrop will be made available to the world developer community as open source software, to allow developers to integrate the Hydro Raindrop with any REST API.

Built on top of this Hydro public ledger is a blockchain-based authentication service, called “Raindrop.” This offers a distinct, immutable, globally viewable layer of security that verifies an access request is coming from an authorized source. Private authentication protocols such as OAuth 2.0 offer varying levels of robustness and usefulness for the spectrum of use cases that exist. There is little need to compete with or attempt to replace these protocols - Hydro offers a way to enhance them by incorporating blockchain mechanics as a component of an authentication procedure. This can add a useful layer of security to help thwart system breaches and data compromises.


Useful Links

Official Website: https://www.hydrogenplatform.com/

HYDRO Whitepaper: Click Here

Explorer: Click Here

Latest News: https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2018/07/18/with-larger-partnerships-than-eos-ada-ltc-and-tron-combined-hydro-establishes-itself-as-legit/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

Stay tuned for further announcement reagrding HYDRO Trading Competition on CoinPulse Exchange!



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