The Weekly Pulse (Oct 21, 2018)

CoinPulse Exchange 4 months ago

The Weekly Pulse


Welcome to the first issue of the CoinPulse Weekly Pulse, where you can find the all the latest CoinPulse news and updates.

The CoinPulse Team has been hard a work for the last year to strategically develop the first community-based cryptocurrency exchange.

The CoinPulse Exchange was founded on core principles that lead to the desire to create a crypto currency exchange that the community really wanted to use. Before development, the CoinPulse team asked the Community what they disliked about the current exchanges they were using along with their suggestions on what features they really wanted in an exchange.

The Team then dedicated much time and effort to identify the common problems with current exchanges and then incorporated all these details to develop a user-friendly global trading platform.

CoinPulse launched on July 3rd 2018 but now we have just released a brand-new User Interface after the community weighed in with suggestions and improvements to improve the first version striving to give our users what they really want in an exchange. The Team is still hard at work to make Coinpulse one of the best and user-friendly exchanges with live support on the market.

Brand New User Interface!

Our core idea is that we are a community based, community supported exchange with the aim to create an exchange that you actually enjoy using. Based on what you asked for, we have just released an entirely new user interface. We have made many new improvements and there will be much more to come.

Our Exchange is now supported in 100 different languages including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Urdu, Hindi and many more.

We are Mobile friendly! Now you can trade on Coinpulse using a phone or tablet because our new User Interface much more responsive and mobile friendly throughout the entire exchange. Also, don’t forget, we also plan to release a mobile application next. You can find more details about the mobile application in our Whitepaper.

New TradingView Chart!  We have upgraded our chart to TradingView which is widely considered one of the best charting tools for tracking cryptocurrency available.

Faster ERC-20 Token deposits- We realize that ERC-20 deposits were taking a little longer with the last version of UI so have improved ERC-20 deposit times by lessening the number of confirmations so now deposits are much faster than in they have been in the past.

New Trading Pair drop-down menu– This new improvement from the former UI and make it much easier to switch between trading pairs for our user’s convenience. Now you can easily select trading pairs as the new drop-down menu is located directly on the buy/sell screen.

Weekly Reward Competition- We are pleased to announce that we have a new contest, so you can acquire more CPEX; The Weekly Reward Competition! Starting Friday, October 19th you will be able to compete for a weekly trading prize pool of 25,000 CPEX! Just click on this link link for the post on our Telegram Announcement channel.

24/7 Live Support- Got questions or need immediate assistance? We have Team Members working around the clock to assist our users on our live Telegram support Channel. Since we are traders ourselves, we identified this was a big issue with current exchanges and never want our users to have to wait days or even weeks to ask a question or get an issue resolved.

Coinpulse CPEX Token Swap Program- Due to high offline demand to acquire CPEX in large lots, we have decided to offer a unique opportunity to acquire CPEX directly from our Exchange. Under this program, you will be able to swap Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to acquire CPEX tokens under the following conditions:

Initially, CoinPulse will offer CPEX tokens for the swap at a heavily discounted price of approximately USD $0.02 each. The normal price of CPEX tokens will be USD $0.06, so the initial swap price of USD $0.02 is being offered at a discount of approximately 66.67%.

The CPEX tokens will only be offered at the discounted price until 23:59 UTC October 25, 2018, afterwards the regular price of USD $0.06 will be applied. We will only offer a total of 10 million CPEX tokens for this swap program, so if we run out of 10 million supply before November 15, 2018, the program will be closed before November 15, 2018.

EBCH CPEX 1:3 Token Swap and 20 Million CPEX Sign-up Bonus Giveaway update!

The EBCH CPEX 1:3 Token swap ran for approximately 3 months and was supposed to officially ended on Sept 30th but after the Community requested it needed a few more days we extended it till Oct 3th. The swap was successful and all EBCH holders who swapped received 3 CPEX for every EBCH token they held.

The 20 Million CPEX Sign-up Bonus Program has also officially ended. Lasting over 6 months, it was one of the longest running bonus programs in Crypto! We have credited the 200 CPEX sign-up bonuses to those that followed the sign-up bonus instructions when registering here on Coinpulse. Anyone who previously held EBCH received a 50% larger bonus resulting in 300 CPEX tokens credited to their accounts. We thank everyone for participating these programs.

Grand Prize Winners of the 20 Million CPEX Sign-up Bonus Giveway!

As part of our 20 Million CPEX Giveaway Program, one winner would be randomly selected to win our 100,000 CPEX Grand Prize. Along with one 5,000 CPEX Prize Winner for each of our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. On Oct 11th the lucky winners were announced and prized have been distributed. Thanks to everyone who participated.

CoinPulse CPEX ERC-20 Token

Now that the swap, sign-up bonuses, and 20 Million CPEX Giveaway is over, we can focus on the next steps for CoinPulse and the CPEX token. We put a lot of effort into the new user interface, and now that it is complete, we will be working hard to introduce it to as much of the crypto community as we can. If you are already a CoinPulse user, please let your friends know and share us on your social media channels. We appreciate your help, and feel that as more people use CoinPulse, they will see how great it is. 

We also wanted to remind our users that the main use of the CPEX token is to receive heavily discounted rates on all your trades. Just use your CPEX tokens to pay for trading fees and receive a 70% discount! CPEX has the lowest circulating supply of any exchange that we are aware of, only 100 Million, and we are continuing to develop future uses for it.

CoinPulse in the News, Integrations and Listings!

Checkout the latest article about our new User Interface on CoinDiaryCoinDiary

We are also pleased to announce that we have integrated with CoinMarketApp along with other prominent cryptocurrency ranking platforms Delta App,, and and others with many more to come.

We are committed to improving your CoinPulse experience and getting our name out there more and more every day, so everyone can see that we aren’t just another cryptocurrency exchange, we are CoinPulse, the voice and pulse of the community.